24 augusti 2009

Det barbariska hjärtat

"At the other end, there is the continental roaming of shoppers among millions of products that is as vast, in its own way, as the primordial movement of animal herds stretching from horizon to horizon on the Serengeti. Imagine a satellite image illuminating all the activity at shopping malls in the United States on a typical American Saturday afternoon. From a vantage in space, it would look like North America was flowing and glowing with strange life. If you could for a moment exclude the other consequences of this activity (environmental, social, military), you might be tempted to call this vision beautiful."
Curtis White skriver stilfullt om elden som flammar i det barbariska hjärtat. Mixad civilisationskritik i Orion Magazine. Videon Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance

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