18 september 2009

Socialism eller vakuum

Ken Livingstone intervjuar Iain (M) Banks i New Statesman, ett kul litet samtal mellan en sf-slukande röd politiker och en politiskt orienterad sf-författare om Science Fictions status, ett självständigt Skottland och varför socialism kommer bli nödvändigt i slutändan:
KL: Isn't there something socialist about the Culture?

IB: Yes. Part of the idea behind the Culture is that it's where you end up, no matter what - unless you're successfully repressive and you can stop the people, like with fascism. In this society, people come before profits, so some part of the Culture would definitely come from a socialist background. Part of the idea behind living in space implies a kind of social living. It's not like living on a planet that looks after itself. You're now living on something that needs to be constantly maintained, where one little thing can go wrong and everyone dies. Everyone has to muck in together; you can't be selfish. So there's an idea there that socialism in space is necessary, certainly in an artificial environment.
[Via Fredrik Jansson]

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